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The new book, “The Cave of Treasures” (Maart D’Gazai) 320 pages. Story of Creation. Written by Mar Aprim Rabba in the New Assyrian Language and typed in the digital version by Shamasha Elisha Shimoun.


Taksa D Raza 274 pages 2 color setting

Taksa D Raza & Soogyatai 274 pages cover

Holy Mass in the Assyrian language,  in its most original form the ancient Aramaic language. The language spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ.


Slawatai D Kol Shita 181 pages 2 color setting

Cover Slawatai D Kol Shita


Alap Beet 60 pages in full color with photos for the Assyrian beginner, by Sargon Audisho
Alap Beet Cover 11x17p
The Book of DABORITA, understanding  the theology of Church of the East.
The Book of Daboorita The Bee (1)